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Why We Are The Top Nevada Sliding Doors Company

Here at Nevada Sliding doors Company, we are experts in sliding doors, and we understand the minutiae of constructing and fitting these doors professionally every time.

Residential Sliding Doors are a favorite of American homeowners and builders. The high-quality hardware and robust construction ensure reliable and trouble-free operation for many years.

Open your home

We provide installation and repair services for sliding doors that are ideal for opening large doors into the home, providing a cohesive entertainment space from indoor stoves to outdoor dining areas.

All shapes and sizes

The doors that we provide for residential homes have corner entry options and 2, 3, 4, or 6-panel configurations. Depending on the door condition, the maximum panel height and the width have flexible options.

Color selection

Similarly, we offer various standard colors and different anodized or custom powder coating finishes for aluminum doors. If you can’t actually find what you need within the expected range, please contact us for customization options.

Insect repellent

A movable insect bite screen is integrated into the frame so you can sit back and enjoy the fresh air without insect bites.

Maximum flexibility

Use our residential sliding doors and window series in combo to create endless combinations and configurations. Create your vision of life, and we will help you realize it.

Open the door and get endless possibilities. The state-of-the-art glass sliding doors, room dividers, hanging doors, barn doors, folding doors, and sliding wall doors are all tailored to your vision and needs. 

For commercial uses

Similarly, our solutions are available for hotels, restaurants, retail stores, apartments, stadiums, hospitals, government centers, museums, and schools worldwide. 

For Residential Uses

Reliable quality, safe design, customizable door options. Modern room dividers allow you to divide space without sacrificing natural light or interior aesthetics. Modern glass doors can be changed quickly and easily in any room.

Sliding Doors FAQ

Sliding doors are actually a modern and practical way to save space or create new environments. They are ideal for small areas where standard doors cannot be opened, such as closets and small bathrooms.

Sliding doors in the mirrored closet can also eliminate the need to purchase a full-length mirror for the bedroom and create a larger space effect. Glass Panels: Some sliding cabinet doors have glass panels.

Some sliding cabinet doors have glass panels. If you want a modern look, consider sliding doors for frosted glass cabinets. The frosted glass diffuses the light that passes through the glass. The result is that the object on the other side is blurry, creating a mysterious halo.


At the Nevada Sliding Doors company, we provide installation and repair services in the Nevada area, and you can reach us at any time for free quote consultation.