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sliding door repair

The sliding door is the best feature you can have in your home.

It does allow natural lighting and circulation of the air into the house, while they increase the living space.

However, when you have the doors, you will also need maintenance so that they can last long.

If you do not take care of the doors, you may have to deal with clogged or sticky tracks with derailed doors.

How to take care of the sliding doors so that they do not stick:

You should make sure that you do the following at least twice every month so that the door can continue to work as you wish.

Cleaning of the glass, you will be satisfied when the windows are shiny and clean. You should remove the sticky fingers left by the children, getting rid of the dust, must, or grime using window cleaner with a newspaper. When you continue to clean the glass, you may slow down the debris build-up that makes fill up the tracks or frames.

Wiping the frame, the exterior and interior frame should be washed to get rid of the weathering damage on the frame seal. You can use light dusting with warm soapy water to clean them. You should not use any harsh chemicals since they will destroy the frames’ finish. If you have a sliding door that uses a wooden frame, you should re-varnish them when the first varnish wears down.
Track cleaning: the sliding tracks will the wear because of dirty shoes, crumbs from kids, and pet hair. Besides, they may also be exposed to seasonal temperature extremes with the blown-in debris. You should clean the tracks at least once every month. You may start by using the vacuum cleaner in order to eliminate any debris or dust. The warm and soapy water solution will be used to wipe away the dirt. You can use the butter knife to get rid of the areas that are not easy to reach and clean up the grooves. The old toothbrush will make an excellent tool for lifting the dirt away from the tiny space.

Lubricating tracks

Lubricating the bottom tracks will prevent the door from sticking or becoming hard to use. You should only oily the tracks if they are clean and they do not have any dust. If the doors are sticking, you will need to remove all the doors away from the tracks before you can clean and lubricate them.

However, even if you maintain the sliding doors well, you will need the help of “Nevada Sliding Doors” in Las Vegas, if you have to replace the rollers when they are worn out, replace weather-stripping, check the alignment of a door panel.

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