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Professional Sliding Door Lock Repair & Replacement

One of the actual severe and devastating problems with sliding doors is the lock’s failure. Damaged locks can compromise the security of your home or family.

It is unlikely that you will leave the sliding door unlocked, just as you would not leave the main entrance open.

If you need professional sliding door lock repair & replacement to repair a sliding door lock in Las Vegas, you will need to call an expert at Nevada Sliding Doors.

Sliding Door Lock Repair & Replacement

Our mission is to ensure that your doors are safe and secure and that you don’t have to literally spend the night without worrying about the safety of your loved ones.

Nevada Sliding Doors sends a professional technician to your home to evaluate the problem and suggest the best solution.

A simple replacement of the sliding door lock or latch repair can usually fix the problem. This work is done on-site. So don’t wait, or even don’t worry.

Other companies may want you to replace the entire lock or even the door itself. Remember that only certified professionals can provide the correct damage assessment and the right solution to the problem.

We make sure we are honest, transparent, and deliver exactly what you need, from the most straightforward repairs to full institutional replacements. There are no hidden skills, just top-notch services.

Common Locks questions & answers

Sliding door locks or locks can be repaired on-site by our certified technicians. You don’t have to wait at home and worry about your loved ones’ safety – your problem will be solved as soon as possible. If possible, repair the existing lock, but it may need to be replaced in some cases.

Our lock shop can replace the locks used on glass doors. It can actually be in use with any lock fixed to the door frame. Similarly, it is possible to request repairs or completely replace the entire locking system. And it has its own hotline, and customers can call at any time.

These glass sliding door locks are also components consisting of E2014 locks and flanges or washers. The escutcheon allows you to attach a latch to a wooden door easily. The plate has wood screw holes that will enable you to screw the entire assembly into the mortise in one of the vertical posts.


If you need to replace your sliding door lock, our team will help you! We offer a variety of locks, from robust keyed locks to security bar locks and ring locks. Our technicians can help you choose the lock that best suits your security needs.

If you need to repair your Las Vegas lock or replace your sliding door lock, it’s time to call Nevada Sliding Doors.

We specialize in all kinds of lock replacement, lock replacement, lock repair, lock repair. Call us now for a free quote.